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Skiing-Bosnia and Herzegovina


The trails at “Babin Do” are one of the top European ski trails.  This ski resort has eight ski trails and five children’s trails, 3 Chairlifts and 5 Ski lifts, that lead to the top point of Bjelašnica mountain, which is 2067 meters above sea level.

Parts of the trail are lit with high quality competition lightning for night skiing; Ski center also has an installed system for artificial snow.

The modernization of vertical transport, beside 6-seat Chairlift, also includes 4-seat Chairlift from “Međustanica” (Cross-station) to the very top of the Bjelašnica mountain.

Ski rent and service are located near the “Benneton” target house. “Babin Do” has a big parking with more than 1.200 parking spots.

Characteristics of Ski Center Bjelašnica

Center height 2.067 m
Maximum height difference – 793 m
Average number of snowy days a year – 200
Average snow height – 135 cm
Highest – Olympic level quality of ski trails for alpine skiing
Ski resort capacity – 8.396 skiers/hour
Total trail length – 14.000 m
Number of ski Chairlifts -3
Number of Ski lifts – 5